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General Donation

Your gift makes a difference at John Ball Zoo! Our mission is to inspire people to be active participants in the conservation of wildlife and our natural environment. Your gift helps the Zoo in all areas of operation including essential things like animal food ($150,000 annually) and equipment needs in the animal hospital ($26,000). Gifts of any size are welcomed and may be made in memory of or to honor a special someone.

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Animal Sponsorship: Animals! Animals!

RZ 2015

Get involved in conservation! John Ball Zoo's Animal Sponsorship Program: Animals! Animals! supports animal conservation programs around the world and in our own backyards. By adopting an animal, you not only help in the care and feeding our animals at John Ball Zoo, but also support conservation programs through our Wildlife Conservation Fund.

RendeZoo 2015

RZ 2015

It's time to Dive In and make a splash at John Ball Zoo's annual fundraising event RendeZoo 2015 - Dive In! RendeZoo attracts hundreds of people each year and since 2008 has raised over $800,000 to help fund many wildly successful projects at John Ball Zoo.

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Want to sponsor RendeZoo?

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Send a completed RendeZoo Sponsorship form to: donate@jbzoo.org

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Wish List – Animal Enrichment

Keeping our animals engaged and active each and every day requires an assortment and quantity of items. Click here to learn more about animal enrichment and to view the "wish list".

Check out our "wish list" at Amazon.com. It includes other items that the Zoo needs in addition to animal enrichment.

JUMP Program


JUMP provides free Zoo admission to families in Kent and Ottawa Counties who quality for free or partially-free Federal hot lunch. The Zoo works with both Kent and Ottawa County Intermediate School Districts to distribute JUMP passes which provide Zoo admission for up to five per pass. During the 2014 Zoo season over 36,000 visitors came to the Zoo on JUMP passes. John Ball Zoo values accessibility and through the JUMP program ensures families in West Michigan can explore our natural world and enjoy a socially and culturally rich zoo visit, regardless of income.

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Contact us

Email: a completed donation form to:donate@jbzoo.org

Call: (616)336-3036

Stop in our administration office (Located just outside the entrance of the zoo) from 8am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday year-round to donate

Fax: a completed donation form to: (616)336-3907

Mail: a completed donation form to: John Ball Zoo, PO Box 2506, Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Online: click here to donate online