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John Ball Zoo's Animal Sponsorship Program

What is our Animal Sponsorship Program?

Animals! Animals! is the Zoo’s animal sponsorship program formerly known as Footsteps to the Future. By sponsoring an animal, you not only help in the care and feeding of our animals at John Ball Zoo, but also support conservation programs near and far. A portion of your contribution through this program supports wildlife conservation projects in Michigan and worldwide through our Wildlife Conservation Fund.

What animals can be sponsored?

Our John Ball Zoo sponsor animals for 2015 are the American Bullfrog, Magellanic Penguin, Bald Eagle, River Otter, Amur Tiger, African Lion, Chimpanzee, and Snow Leopard. Feel free to call Lisa at 616-336-4301 ext 1002 and we can work with you on special sponsorships not listed.

What are the benefits?

Please click here for more information about sponsorship benefits.

Eco-friendly option

When registering for sponsoring an animal, you may choose our Eco-friendly option! You would then receive some of the benefits as a digital package sent via email and the other items can be picked up at the Zoo's administrative office on your next visit! If you do not choose the eco-friendly option, the benefits will be mailed free of charge.

How do I adopt an animal?

Our Animal Sponsor List - Thank you!