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John Ball Zoo’s Tigers of the Forest Realm – OPENING 2014 -- with your help.

This state-of-the-art exhibit with multiple habitats and a tiger trail will be located on the south end of the newly expanded IDEMA Forest Realm.  The tiger trail allows the tigers to patrol the woods and move from one habitat to another.  The trail will be viewable from the visitor boardwalk.  Imagine the thrill of walking along the boardwalk and spotting a tiger strolling along a forest path? 

The first permanent animal exhibit to be constructed in the Forest Realm, Tigers of the Realm, will be nothing short of spectacular.  Plans include a holding area/breeding facility making John Ball Zoo eligible to participate in the Tiger Species Survival Plan (SSP) and play a crucial role in propagation of the species and inspiring people to help save wild tigers.

Since 2011 the Zoo has nearly doubled in size and is brimming with educational programming, visitor amenities and as always, outstanding animal care and exhibitory.  Over two-plus years the Zoo Society has raised over $11.6 million to fund these improvements.  Currently we are fundraising to bring Amur Tigers back to Grand Rapids.  It’s a terrific opportunity for our Zoo to participate in conservation of this highly endangered and hugely iconic animal.  Think of the education opportunities – especially since the Zoo touches over 700,000 people annually with educational messages!

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