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Christmas for the Animals

Christmas for the Animals

Saturday, December 7, 2013
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Bring us a donation of an animal enrichment item, and we'll give you a free day at the Zoo including a visit with Santa and his reindeer, some unique animal demonstrations, and some kids activities!!! Did we mention ALL FREE??

** Starred Items are highly needed

**Hunting Lures – Scents are a favorite of the cats. They'll follow a trail for hours.
**Large Parrot Toys- Our birds love to chew on them, which is great but we go through a lot of them!
**Small Bird Toys- Same as above.
Rotary Car Wash Brush - It would be a really big scratching post for some of the larger animals.
Large Mirrors (larger than hand mirror) – Just like birds and even humans, almost all the animals like to see themselves. We need larger mirrors for the larger animals so they can see their entire body – not just their eyes!
Livestock Brushes – To keep animals coats shiny and clean.
XL or XXL Kong Toys (Black) – Tough chew toys!
Food Dehydrator- We can use to make our own dried fruit!
Plastic Dog Toys – THE PENGUINS get these as enrichment!!

**Sugar Cane – An edible "toy" that takes a long time to consume.
**Various Spices- Scents are a favorite with many of the animals. Ginger, Cumin, Cloves, Nutmeg, Anise and All Spice are all favorites!
**Cooking Extracts- Same as above.
Mixed Nuts (w/shell) – Another special treat that takes a little effort to consume.
Dried Fruits – A treat alone or mixed with other food items
Sugar Free Kool-Aid – Sometimes frozen in a bucket along with fruit or vegetables and even a rat or mouse to be a cooling summer animal Popsicle!
Low Sodium Saltines – Crumbled over a bowl of food. Alone as a treat.
Graham Crackers- Same as above.
Sugar Free Cereal - Same as above.
Granola Bars - Same as above.
Pasta – Yes, it's not uncommon to see a pot full of noodles boiling on the Zoo kitchen stove. The pasta is used to change up a diet, as a treat, or just alone.
Molasses – Sometimes drizzled around an exhibit so the animals happen to come across the sweet treat.
Honey – Same as above.
Steak Sauce - Same as above.
Natural Pig Ears – To keep an animal busy and teeth clean.
Cuttle Bones – Chew toy for birds.

DON'T NEED: Canned Goods, Oatmeal, Canned Cat or Dog Food, Tennis Balls