What Do Bobcats Eat? (Interesting Things To Know About)

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Bobcats are one of the most common predators in North America.

They are usually shy and elusive, but they are fascinating creatures with a lot of interesting habits.

What do bobcats eat, and what else do you need to know about them?

Let’s find out.

What do bobcats eat?

The bobcat is a small predator that can eat a lot of small animals.

They often eat mice, squirrels, rats, wild birds, and small fawns.

They also eat fish, berries, and vegetables as their usual diet.

Do bobcats eat human food?

No, most bobcats do not like human food.

But they can hunt animals such as your pets, small livestock, birds, and rabbits.

Do bobcats eat fish?

Yes, but it is uncommon for them to eat fish.

Fish are not usually their main food.

But if the chance presents itself, they will probably catch a fish too.

Do bobcats eat coyotes?

There is no evidence that bobcats eat coyotes, but there is anecdotal evidence that they will kill and eat them if given the opportunity.

Coyotes are not a significant part of the bobcat’s diet, as they are bigger and stronger than bobcats. If you are interested in the result of this battle, read on Bobcat Vs Coyote: Can Bobcats Win Over Coyotes?

Do bobcats eat fruit?

Yes, bobcats will eat fruit if it is available to them.

While their diet consists mostly of meat, they are known to consume fruits, vegetables, nuts and eat seeds on occasion.

Bobcats are opportunistic feeders and will take advantage of whatever food is available to them.

What do baby bobcats eat?

A baby bobcat will consume milk from its mother for the first few weeks, and then gradually transitions to eating small prey whole.

After a couple of months, a young bobcat’s diet will be similar to that of an adult, which includes rabbits, rodents, birds, and insects.

What do adult bobcats eat?

An adult bobcat’s diet consists mostly of rabbits and hares, although they will also eat rodents, birds, and even attack small goats.

In the summer, bobcats may also consume fruits and vegetables.

In winter months, when prey is scarce, bobcats have been known to eat carrion.

What do old bobcats eat?

Senior bobcats typically eat smaller prey than younger bobcats.

They hunt for rabbits, rodents, birds, and even reptiles.

In fact, one study found that senior bobcats in Florida ate more snakes than any other type of prey.

When hunting larger prey, senior bobcats will often team up with another bobcat.

This allows them to take down prey that they wouldn’t be able to take down alone.

Do bobcats eat meat?

Yes, bobcats are carnivores and they eat meat.

The amount of meat in their diet depends on the availability of prey.

If there is a lot of prey available, bobcats will eat mostly meat.

If there is less prey available, bobcats will eat more plants and fruits.

Bobcats have been known to eat up to 3 pounds of meat in one sitting.

Do bobcats eat plants?

In reality, yes, but only when they’re desperate.

Bobcats are obligate carnivores, which means that their bodies are designed to digest and use only animal-based proteins and fats.

However, if a bobcat is starving and there are no animals around, it will eat just about anything, including plants.

The plant matter won’t provide the cat with any nutrients, but it will help to stave off starvation.

Do bobcats hunt for food or scavenge it?

They often do both.

Bobcats are opportunistic predators, which means that they will take advantage of whatever prey is available, whether it’s a small animal they’ve hunted down or a carcass they’ve found.

If food is scarce, bobcats will also scavenge for scraps.

What is its favorite food?

Bobcats are carnivores, so they mostly eat meat.

They like rabbits the most, but they also hunt birds, rodents, lizards, carrion, and snakes.

Sometimes bobcats will eat deer as well. 

Can you eat bobcat meat?

Surprisingly, yes, you can actually eat bobcat meat.

While eating bobcats may not be something that most people would consider, some enjoy this type of cuisine.

If you live in Oklahoma, you are allowed to hunt and kill bobcats if you have the proper license.

However, there are some restrictions on where you can hunt them.

You cannot kill bobcats in any national park or wildlife refuge in Oklahoma.

Additionally, you cannot kill them within 500 yards of any residence or structure.

If you follow these restrictions, you are free to hunt and kill bobcats in Oklahoma.

It is legal to kill and eat a bobcat in the United States.

Bobcats are not listed as an endangered or threatened species, so they can be hunted and eaten without any strict restrictions.

They are considered game animals in most states, so hunting them is regulated by game laws.

What attracts bobcats to your yard?

Bobcats are naturally suspicious, sneaky, and clever.

And you can attract them by using a whistle, or food, or catnip, or anise oil, or feather, or mineral lick.

Do bobcats come out during the day?

Yes, they do come out during the day.

Bobcats are cautious animals, and they might be active at any time of the day.

They avoid humans, but this also depends on where they live.

In areas with many humans, they will do less activity during the day to stay safe from people.

Do bobcats spot?

The bobcat has spots on its skin.

They are buff to brown and sometimes reddish.

The fur on the underside of the animal is lighter in color than its back.

The bobcat also has white spots near the tips of their ears and a bobbed tail.

How do bobcats survive winter?

what do bobcats eat

Bobcats survive winter by changing their fur color and hiding.

They do this because people cannot see them and they can find food.

Are bobcats aggressive?

No, bobcats are not aggressive toward humans.

It is uncommon for a bobcat to attack a human, but it does happen sometimes.

When this happens, the bobcat must feel threatened or be sick.

What smells do bobcats hate?

As it turns out, bobcats are pretty fussy when it comes to smells.

In addition to being repelled by the smell of bleach, they also hate the smell of citrus fruits.

This is likely because the strong smell of citrus fruits can be overwhelming for them.

Bobcats also seem to dislike the smell of mint and other strong herbs.

So, if you’re looking to keep bobcats away from your property, you might want to consider planting some mint or citrus trees.

What are bobcats afraid of?

Smaller wild animals are afraid of people, and bobcats are no different.

Sometimes, they might be scared of you because you are too close to them.

They might also be scared by your pet because the pet is moving.

But what should you do if you encounter them?

Loud noises can help scare them away.

Take your pets inside and keep the gates closed so the wild animal cannot escape using it as a way to get away from you or your pets.

Are bobcats afraid of lights?

Yes, bobcats are afraid of the light.

Twin LED lights will make bobcats think that another predator is nearby.

The lights are useful because they work during the night and in low-light hours when bobcats are most likely to be aggressive.

Can bobcats climb walls?

Yes, bobcats can climb walls and climb fences.

So, make sure that you keep your poultry and small animals in an enclosed pen with wire.

Do bobcats prey on chipmunks?

Yes, they do.

Chipmunks are food for many animals, including raccoons, owls, foxes, and bobcats.

Can a bobcat prey on a lynx?

No, it’s very unlikely.

Bobcats are a bit smaller than lynx, and while they are both predators, the battle of bobcat vs lynx is quite unpredictable.

Even if a bobcat did manage to take down a lynx, it would probably not be able to eat it all, as lynx are quite large animals.

How many bobcats are left in the world in 2021?

There were 700,000 to 1.5 million bobcats left in the world in 2021.

How do you tell a male from a female?

The male’s heel pad is rounder and more robust.

His toes are also larger and close together.

Female bobcats have smaller toes with a narrowed heel pad.

Do these animals hunt in pairs?

No, bobcats are hunters that hunt alone.

They will stay for a while in an area of land, which can be up to 18 square miles.

It is smaller in the summer and larger during the winter.

What is its natural habitat?

The natural habitat of a bobcat is different in different areas.

It varies from forests, semi-deserts, mountains, and brushland.

The best habitat includes lots of vegetation and animals to hunt.

Bobcats are very good at hunting because they sneak up on other animals with patience and then take it down with one great leap.

Which state has the most bobcats?

California and Georgia have the most bobcats. Check out some more biomes that bobcats live in.

The population in California is around 72,000 and the population in Georgia is around 250,000 as of the latest reports.


The bobcat is a small predator that can eat a lot of small animals.

And their favorites are mice, squirrels, rats, wild birds, small fawns, and other small animals as well.