What Does It Mean To See A Crow?

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Crows are birds that often appear in the realm of mystery and magic. They also often appear in occult, spells, and folklore.

Since ancient times, people have been curious about these mysterious birds. Therefore, many superstitions are associated with crowns.

Nowadays, many people are afraid to see crows because they consider it a bad omen and are associated with bad luck, tidings, and death. However, these black-colored birds can also carry positive connotations.

So, through this article, we will explain the symbolism and meaning of these birds to help you answer the question, “What does it mean to see a crow?”

What Does It Mean to See a Crow?

Seeing dark-colored creatures such as crows, black butterflies or black cats, is a symbol of spirituality present in your life. Besides, the crows also represent pain, mystery, strength, etc.

The crows have long been an international symbol of mystery, intrigue, death, and magic.

what does it mean to see a crow

Two Crows

One would think that seeing the crow is bad luck. However, if you see two crows, it is a good sign and lucky.

Alternatively, it can also mean that a significant change will take you in a positive direction, making you better.

Three Crows

Seeing these three large blackbirds may signal significant changes in your life. Someone may contact you and, in that way, cause some significant changes.

According to an ancient legend, the sight of these three birds could be a harbinger of an imminent attack on you.

If you see these three birds flying in the sky, you need not be too worried. The fact is that it can be a good omen that you will have strong relationships soon.

Many also believe it is a sign of a celebration in the future. For example, it may be the birth of a baby girl or a wedding.

Crows Everywhere You Go


Whenever you see an animal repeatedly, it is a spiritual sign that you need to pay attention to, and seeing the crow is no exception.

If you see these birds everywhere you go, you may be wondering what it means or what effect it has on you.

In this case, this bird could be your power animal or animal totem. In other words, this animal is there to help you assert your confidence and self-worth.

For many cultures, this bird symbolizes change and represents nature’s powerful and profound elements.

So if you see them everywhere you go, chances are a significant change is about to happen to you. It also means that you are someone who is making significant changes.

A Crow after Someone Dies

As mentioned above, these birds are associated with death in many different cultures. One of the reasons for that is that they are carnivores of the dead.

In the olden days, when war raged everywhere, it was typical for the dead not to be buried, leading to their children eating the dead.

A Dead Crow

Seeing a dead crow can be a shocking and painful experience. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be bewildered and wonder what it means.

According to folklore, there is a belief that seeing any kind of bird die can be a harbinger of a new beginning spiritually. In addition, there was once an ancient association that believed that the crow could symbolize someone’s life.

These animals can also be a connection to any danger we face in front of us.

So if you see a dead crow, it could be a sign that it is time to rethink your place in life.

Yet, for many cultures, these blackbirds have a unique role for the deceased, helping them go “to the other side” smoothly. Other than that, these animals will carry the deceased’s soul to the afterlife.

In Tibetan culture, there is a belief that their body should be placed on top of the temple after someone dies so that these large blackbirds bring them to new life.

A Lot of Crows Flying Around

If you see many of these blackbirds flying around, it indicates a need to bring out the hidden problems in your subconscious mind.

In addition, there is another meaning when you see many crows flying around you. It can also mean that the spirit of someone close to you who died recently has not yet left the world.

Crow in Your Dream

If you believe that crows symbolize the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds, dreaming about them will have a profound meaning.

It can be a message from our subconscious, expressing your feelings and thoughts about your life, death, and transformation.

In addition, the details in your dream are also essential. For example, dreaming of a crow in flight could indicate that some underlying problem in your subconscious is demanding attention.

If you dream that a crow was in the middle of a party, your present actions may be the cause of great wealth later on. So it is essential to trust your intuition.

If You See Crows Often, What Does It Mean?

If you see these blackbirds regularly, it could be one of the following signs:

Changes Are Coming to You

The crows are symbols of both the negative and the positive. They often appear to let you know that everything related to your life is always changing.

So, whatever that change is, it is essential to continue to overcome all obstacles.

You May Be Going through a Big Change

Think about whether you are delaying your abundance due to anxiety or fear. The bird’s magic and mysticism can aid you in the quest.

It will remind you that you are on track to manifest whatever you have created in your mind. Therefore, it is essential to let positive thoughts guide you.

Your Life Is Out of Balance

Black crows and white doves are symbols of balance in light and darkness. They are completely different from each other, yet still harmonize perfectly just like yin and yang.

If you only see crows, it seems like you might lost your balance. Therefore, it is essential to find grounding in all aspects of life. It is also a reminder that where there is darkness, there is also light.

You’ll Get Well-Deserved Rewards By Persistence & Perseverance

The crow is known as an animal that never gives up quickly. They are willing to pursue any of their goals to get whatever they want.

Therefore, you need to boost your confidence in any area.

You Are on the Verge of Creative Breakthrough

If you feel your creativity is running high and you don’t know how to bring it out, crows will be prophetic gifts of insight.

Suppose there’s anything that’s stopping you from being creative. The crow will be the aid to help you hit your true strength.

You’ll Witness Similar Synchronicity &  Signs

These animals will help you expand your horizons by beckoning you to use your clairvoyance. They will motivate you to fly and follow your dreams.

Myths About The Crow

The Crow Has Poor Memories

The crow’s memory is considered superior to that of many other birds. Like a squirrel and a dog, this species hides food in one place and retrieves it later.

These birds can sometimes change where they hide their food two to three times, but they always remember the location.

The Crow Create a Sound like a Cat

The song and call of these birds are unique.

Many people assume that it is as if they are crying if another species approaches their food or nest. In that case, they make a sound like “caw-caw.”

The Crows Are Always Fixed in Black

Young crows have a far different coat color than adults.

Young individuals feature brown fur and blue eyes, while adult individuals come with black fur with a purplish, bluish, and greenish iridescence.

However, you can’t always see these colors unless they fly under the sun. In addition, adult crows have black eyes, legs, and beaks.

These Animals Are Easily Scared

Crows don’t get along well with humans and often keep their distance from us because humans are their most giant predators. That makes many people think that they are a shy species, but they aren’t.

Yet, these birds will not fear when encountering other birds and animals. There are cases of crows chasing eagles or dogs.

They Are Independent

These blackbirds are very loyal to their partners. They will stand by their mate until they die. They and their mate will take care of their eggs together.

The Crow Is a Picky Eater

Crows are not as picky eaters as many people think. They eat many different things, and there are hundreds of different things that appeal to them.

For example, they eat carrion, insects, worms, seeds, fruit, and trash leftovers.

These Birds Do Not Steal

The crow can be a notorious thief. It will watch the nests of other birds, waiting for the bird to fly to steal the eggs.

These blackbirds will also steal food collected by the mother bird for her chicks.

These Blackbirds Live Mainly in the City

Unlike the white owls living their nightlife that we hardly see, crows can be found anywhere during daytime, and the countryside is their favorite place.

These blackbirds will colonize cities if they find a place with enough room to build their nests, usually in parks or parking lots.

Crows can nest anywhere on cliffs, tall buildings, trees, or even traffic lights. Male and female crows will build nests together and take turns incubating eggs.

Crows Are Not Smart

These birds are brilliant. The proof is that their brains are larger than most other birds, except for parrots. Besides, the ratio between the brain and body of a crow is similar to that of a chimpanzee.

Many people have seen crows place walnuts on the highway for a car to run over them. After that, the crows will swoop down and eat the flesh of the seed.

Weird Facts About Crows

Built-in babysitters

Young individuals will help their parents protect the nest. For example, they may feed their parents or search for food for babies.

The crows visit the dead member’s body

When a crow in the flock dies, the remaining members gather around the dead member. They do that to learn to survive in a place where a member has died.

The crow makes various calls

As mentioned above, crows have a very distinctive “caw-caw” call. However, they can produce different sounds depending on their location.

These birds can also make a unique call to relatives and friends that they used to use to signal they are looking for food or in danger.

It holds grudges

A 2011 study showed that if a crow feels threatened by a person, it will remember that person’s face. After that, it might take revenge with an angry dive-bomb.

Other individuals nearby will also participate in those attacks.

Relationship Between Crows and Humans

Hidden Meanings

Here are some common meanings of this bird:

  • Sharp insights
  • Something good is about to happen
  • Change or metamorphosis
  • Adverse happening about to occur
  • Trouble or death
  • There is a good change ahead
  • Good fortune if a crow crosses your path

Is The Crow Your Spirit Animal?

If the crow is your mascot, it will be a lucky sign. It means you are an intelligent, even tricky person. You have remarkable insight and magical abilities.

Another Spirit Animal

  • Mystery
  • Transformation
  • Very smart
  • Bold and not afraid of new situations
  • Mischievous

The Bottom Line

Seeing crows can be a traumatic and bad experience for some people. However, seeing these animals is not always accompanied by negative things.

Hopefully, you have gained a better understanding of this mysterious but exciting bird through the article. Thank you for reading.