Are Wolverines Dangerous to Humans? (Things to Know)

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Wolverines have a propensity for unrivaled ferocity, fear nothing, and have a ravenous appetite. Few species can rival these animals in terms of strength, temperament, or body weight.

Fortunately, this animal of danger resides on the vastly uninhabited outskirts of the Arctic Circle.

So, a question arises: “are wolverines dangerous?”

They are not naturally aggressive or dangerous. If you are curious about the answer, it’s time to dive into this article.

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What Are Wolverines?

Wolverine’s scientific name is Gulo gulo, with other names like skunk bear, devil bear, or nasty cat.

These stems come from their well-deserved reputation as voracious eaters. These creatures are the giant weasel species in the mustelids genus that only live on land.

Where do wolverines come from? They mainly live in North America, Northern Asia, Eastern Europe, Arctic Circle, Siberia, or Scandinavia.

Wolverines are robust, powerful, and stocky. Males typically weigh 20 to 55 pounds, with the largest recorded weighing closer to 75 pounds. The length of their body, not including the tail, can reach 40 inches.

Their heads are round and large, with short mouths and powerful jaws. They possess a pair of unusual molar teeth at the end of their mouth tilted 90 degrees, like all mustelids.

This characteristic makes it easy to rip out slabs of flesh, even frozen prey.

Wolverines possess webbed paws that are broad and five-toed. They act as wearing shoes, enabling these animals to skate on ice and snow.

The wolverines’ razor-sharp claws are one of their weapons. They are curved, long, and robust, ideal for grasping and holding on to prey.

Wolverines possess a sensitive nose despite their tiny, beady eyes. They can detect prey or roadkill buried under a thick blanket of snow.

Wolverines possess a dense, oily coat that repels water. It keeps them from catching a cold if the weather turns bitterly cold in winter.

Their average lifespan is about 4 or 6 years, but some may live more than ten years.

Are Wolverines Dangerous?

Are wolverines dangerous and aggressive all the time?

The answer is yes because wolverines are known as one of the most dangerous animals.

Most of the myths about wolverines revolve around their uncontrolled wrath and aggressive attitude. How are wolverines dangerous?

The truth is that they are short-tempered and can become aggressive when hungry, which can happen several times a day.

If they go without food for an extended period, they may commit violence.

What makes wolverines so dangerous? Most of them are omnivores, which means they can eat everything they find.

Their prey can be carcasses under the ground, little rodents hibernating throughout the winter, wild berries, or fish.

For no apparent reason, these wild animals have ever reported ripping entire cabins apart in a fit of wrath.

According to old legends, Wolverines are vicious demonic monsters with no empathy who like to be alone.

Recent research, however, suggests that this is not always the case. These animals are irritable, but they’re also very gregarious animals that prefer to hang out with others similar to them.

These creatures are more intelligent than dangerous. They prefer to fight with larger animals. They have potent teeth that also are adapted to rip into frozen meat.

Wolverines are afraid of wolves. They avoid coming into contact with them. However, they lurk near wolf groups to collect their food and leftovers.

These nocturnal predators forage at nighttime and target small, easy-to-kill species such as rodents, Arctic foxes, squirrels, or mountain cats.

Small insects residing in tree roots and trunks are also a favorite food.

This species has a sensitive nose, so they can detect the smell of other creatures sleeping 20 feet underground and track it for several kilometers.

This species is extremely powerful for its size. Wolverines can successfully protect their prey against more giant creatures like wolves and bears.

According to a report, a wolverine ever attacked and killed a polar bear. The wolverine slammed its teeth into the bear’s neck, causing it to choke.

In a word, this species is a threat and danger to other animals. If you want to know how they fight with other animals, you can watch this video:

Are wolverines dangerous to humans? Keep reading to discover the answer in detail.

Will Wolverines Attack Humans?

You might be wondering whether these northern creatures are capable of assaulting and attacking humans after you’ve learned more about their nature.

Wolverines prefer to stay far away from every potential danger, and they rarely engage in combat with other animals.

Are wolverines aggressive to humans? This species has been near human settlements, but no one has ever been attacked by one.

Even when they are close by, these creatures are scared of humans and attempt to keep a safe distance. That said, it’s better to stay away from them if possible.

Small pets such as rabbits, cats, or even dogs have been reported to be killed by wolverines living near towns. They are especially well-known for stealing and murdering cattle.

As a result, you should be aware that if you inhabit an area where wild creatures roam in close vicinity, leaving rubbish, leftovers, and livestock out unsupervised is not a good idea.

What makes wolverines so dangerous? Due to their vicious character and history, many myths surround these beasts.

One of the most popular beliefs is that wolverines are the most potent and fearless loners who prefer to dwell and hunt individually. It’s partially true.

These animals have a strong sense of belonging and tend to stick together. Also, despite their strength, they are not invincible. Wolves frighten them.

In short, there is no report that this species has ever attacked humans. However, they are never a good choice when choosing a pet. For your safety, adopting a hedgehog will be much better.

are wolverines dangerous

Can Wolverines Kill Humans?

Are wolverines dangerous to humans? Can a wolverine kill you?

While there has been no human-wolverine assault, it does not indicate that these animals are entirely safe when being around the humankind.

It’s important to remember that wild creatures can rapidly become enraged and attack if they think you invade their area.

As a result, it’s best to stay as far away and avoid coming into direct touch with a wild animal.

How bad are wolverines? Wolverines have potent claws and limbs that can rip the meat off their prey in seconds.

When a wolverine engages in combat with a person, that person can be killed in a couple of minutes. Wolverines’ assaults are strong, rapid, and agile.

They are clever and sophisticated creatures that have figured out how to deploy their muscles most efficiently and effectively possible over time.

How deadly are wolverines? In combat, the wolverine might target the main artery first, ideally the throat, to cause bleeding.

After some minutes, that person will suffer from profuse hemorrhaging if the assault is precise enough.

Even when the strike is not successful, one will be severely injured. Do you remember the event a wolverine attacked a polar bear mentioned above?

If you carry a weapon, this wild creature is more likely to flee rather than fight or attack you.

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What Should You Do If You See A Wolverine?

When the carnivore is free of humans, the situation usually resolves itself.

The wisest solution to do in case you encounter a massive carnivore like a wolverine is to keep calm.

Another best idea is typically to return to the same path you come. It would be best if you didn’t yell at this wild animal or turn away from it.

If you try to chase it back or battle with it, it may consider you a threat and attack you as a way to protect itself.

Are Wolverines Aggressive?

The short answer is yes. These creatures are well-known for their short tempers. Even when they can’t find food, they can become angry and attack the animals around them.

Has A Wolverine Ever Killed A Person?

The good news is no. Although this species has appeared on the earth for a long time, there is no information about them attacking or killing people.

The only report is that one once attacked and killed a polar bear while kept in a zoo. It would help if you always stayed far away from these creatures as they are wild animals, so their behaviors and reactions may be hard to predict.

Are Wolverines Smart?

According to specific research, the wolverine is a cunning and intellectual creature. It’s been observed playing with toys or other items. It can also shorten its commute time by following human highways with little traffic.


This article has eventually answered your question: Are wolverines dangerous?

Wolverines are dangerous because this species can harm, attack, or even kill other animals. They are omnivores, so they can eat whatever they find.

However, they have not made any threat to humans. Even so, being around a wild animal is never a good idea.