What Does It Mean To See A Hummingbird?

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The little hummingbird is a popular species among birds around the world, from the Caribbean up to Alaska.

With its signature hum, unique flying style (acrobatic), and vibrant plumage, the beautiful bird inspires devotion when one gazes at it.

Nature lovers everywhere fancy this flying jewel, but not many know ‘what does it mean to see a hummingbird?’ and its symbolism in different cultures.

Today’s article will take you through various symbolic reasons you encounter hummingbirds and the spiritual messages they send to you.

What Does It Mean To See A Hummingbird?

what does it mean to see a hummingbird

The spiritual meaning of this bird is a harbinger of past difficulties and challenges. It is also a bird that represents luck and hope.


Hummingbirds are renowned for their unique flying style as it flaps their two wings, keeping flying around and barely standing still.

That’s why it may represent circles or repetition of the present. Though this ultimate symbolic use originates from the bird’s natural characteristics, it is a powerful symbol for mindfulness practices.

It is a reminder that you can enjoy and benefit from the present moments, so there’s no point in letting your mind be busy with the future or past.


Besides its stunning appearance, bird watchers love this species because of its interestingly playful nature. Many movies have successfully depicted this trait of the bird, such as Pocahontas.

Since it often flies and zips around fast, people think they’re having fun and a great time.

Nevertheless, this playful aspect may represent something naughty and rebellious. You’d better be careful not to let your energy bring you trouble.


We’ve referred to the playful and fun aspects of this animal. Now is the time to mention its essential role in the ecosystem.

Hummingbirds spend a lot of time munching on sweet, delicious nectar produced by flowers, but they also pollinate plants and flowers, helping grow new plants.

Thus, sighting a flying jewel may hint that you or your loved one (wife, sister, or friend) will be pregnant or, at least, receive extremely good news.

Good Luck Charm

Hummingbirds symbolize good luck in numerous cultures.

People usually enjoy seeing the birds mostly because they believe they can benefit from that experience and encounter good luck. But some simply watch the birds as they’re beautiful and rare.

Notably, in some American cultures, people consider hummingbirds positive omens denoting something significant that will happen soon, like a child’s birth or career promotion.

Love and Devotion

Plenty of artworks took the image of dynamic, stunning hummingbirds as an inspiration and depicted them in pairs. Those artists believe that a tight connection between two hummingbirds is like a close-knit bond.

Hence, if you encounter one, you’re probably in a happy, romantic relationship or devoting a lot to protecting a beloved one.

Notably, if you encounter a pair of hummingbirds, one of your current relationships is hard to ruin, even with space or time.

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What Does It Mean To See A Hummingbird In Dreams?

Most dream interpretations deem hummingbirds a favorable symbol. Sometimes, they can be positive omens, while other times act as a reminder that one should care more about oneself.

Variety and Vibrance

Those jewel fliers are noticeable despite the tiny size since their plumage features vibrant, eye-catching colors.

Plus, people often find them flying around colorful flowers to feed on nectar and pollinate in return. Thus, they are a prominent symbol of variety and vibrancy.

If you see one in your dream, it may suggest that you will expect diversity in your life which is rich in variety.

Every day, the same routine can drag you down and tend to turn things into an autopilot, preventing you from evolving.

The bird’s spirit is against treading water or falling behind. It appears in your dream to remind you that if the current situation seems a little bit stuck or lacks a proper solution, step out of your comfort zone and do something innovative.


Researchers have analyzed the jewel-colored animal’s aerodynamics for decades. Just like white owls and dragonflies, these fliers show off outstanding flying skills.

They can balance themselves in the middle of the air while feeding even in strong windy conditions. They were born with the ability to adapt to varying situations to reach their goals.

If you encounter one in a dream, it reminds you that life is sometimes unexpected and not always perfect.

Instead of giving up or dealing with challenges passively, think about how you will tackle them with agility and grace.

You can hit your targets and get better every day. If there’s an opportunity coming to you, seize it without hesitation.


The playful nature makes this flying creature a denotation of flirtatiousness.

It flies swiftly from flower to flower, munching on the sugar-rich liquid from various flowers.

Unlike bald eagles and ravens, a hummingbird doesn’t find a mate to live with. Hey, don’t get it wrong! Dreams of hummingbirds don’t tell you to cheat on your partner or not to commit!

Instead, the spiritual animal suggests you lighten up, take your time, and have more fun. Rather than take your relationship seriously, why not add more fun and flirtatious factors?

Dreaming of a hummingbird may also tell you that it’s not the right time to enter a long-term, serious relationship, whether you’re dating or single.

It’s better to focus on making new friends and expanding your social network.


Just like how a white dove represents freedom, a hummingbird is associated with liberty within the dream sphere.

If you witness one flying around or visiting you in your dream, you either feel trapped or enjoy your freedom. But the latter case is probably more common.

Since the image of a bird flying reflects inspirational freedom, you’re living happily and freely and appreciating every moment in life.

To be more specific, you may feel satisfied with the path you chose or the new environment you’ve entered.


One of the attractive sides of hummingbirds is their fleeting trait. You may sometimes encounter one but rarely be fortunate enough to watch it for an extended time since it will dart away soon.

Its habit of being inconsistent relates to the sense of commitment in a romantic relationship.

If you dream of chasing a jewel flier, you’re seeking a suitable person to marry and build a home with, or feeling insecure in your relationship.

On the other hand, if you dream of seeing one or one following you, you’d prefer enjoying your freedom to being anchored with finance and children.

Good Luck, Sweetness, and Joy

With a stunning, adorable look, this beloved animal symbolizes good luck and joy both in the real-life and dream space. The nectar-drinking bird is a reminder that everyone deserves a sweet life.

Sometimes, life can hit you hard, but it’s up to you whether or not to choose to live happily, positively, and sweetly.

Rather than insisting on frustrations, you can choose to spend more time on sweet things and joy. You’ll find more luck and beautiful things around you when you live joyfully.

Vitality, Healing, and Health

Flowers and hummingbirds evolve together. We can see the harmonious partnership between them, where the bird feeds on nectar produced by the plant, pollinates more new flowers, and extends their lifespan simultaneously.

That’s why these creatures denote vitality, healing, and health. They appear in your dreams to say that you need to be mindful of your nourishment and stimulation, whether it’s about relationships, things, substances, or food.

Sometimes, you have to leave a toxic, unhealthy relationship or get rid of bad friends and find ones that can nourish you.

What Does A Hummingbird Mean In Different Cultures?

What Does A Hummingbird Mean In Different Cultures

Each religion and culture has a different view on hummingbird symbolism. While varying, there are still several common themes, such as lightheartedness, happiness, and joy.

Native American

In most cases, a jewel flier represents positive things in a native American tribe. A popular native American hummingbird meaning is ‘healer’ – the image with which many legends symbolize the animal.

It comes in place to help people go through their challenging times and raise their spirits with the hope of sweet things and good luck ahead.

Besides, it may also indicate perseverance, integrity, beauty, and harmony.


These birds are not native to Asia. Thus, any Asian stories or myths are usually borrowed and relatively new.

Like native American tribes, hummingbirds denote good luck, prosperity, freedom, and joy in Eastern cultures.

Notably, in China, flying creatures often symbolize good news and luck, and so does this bird. Feng Shui practitioners believe that hanging hummingbird pictures or charms in your office or house will bring you success.


Unlike other cultures, the jewel flier often represents death in Christian cultures. Though the bible doesn’t mention the name of this animal directly, people here believe that it is a message that a beloved one who died sent to you.

If you’re grieving as a loved one has just passed away, sighting a tiny hummingbird can imply that they are happy, safe, and in Heaven now.


Birds are important spiritual images in the old Celtic folklore and mythology. Ancient Celts supposed that these flying creatures were the connection between the Gods and mortals.

They delivered guidance and prophecies from the divines, bridging the gap of space and time between the afterlife and our world.


Though jewel fliers are not present in Africa, it doesn’t prevent people here from symbolizing the hummingbird and giving it the role of spiritual guidance.

They believe there’s a relationship between this species and fattening, renewal, prosperity, and fertility.

Since these migrating birds come before and during rainy seasons, they signify fertility for the land they arrive in.

What Does It Mean When A Hummingbird Visits You?

If a hummingbird visits you, your guides have probably sent you a message that you’re on the right path to the universal love flow.

There is a small yet powerful voice from inside you, so listen carefully and look inward.

You may have desired to express your creativity and ability and promote your value for an extended time, which can manifest as dancing or painting, for example.

Also, the bird is a blessing since it reminds you to seek hidden beauty and interests in life, particularly when you feel that your life gets bitter.

You can feel happiness and love by letting the divine power within you lighten you up and give you a significant power source.

What Does It Mean When a Hummingbird Crosses Your Path?

This tiny bird is fast, inconsistent, and can dart away swiftly, making it hard to gaze at for an extended time. If one flies in front of your eyes and makes you stop to watch it, that’s a good omen.

You may currently have difficulty determining if your path is correct or not.

A jewel bird tells you that irrespective of how confused you feel if you do not have the necessary information now, you’d better listen to the inner voice inside you, which will guide you home.

After all, we need to trust ourselves and understand our hearts’ desires. This way, we’ll reach closer to our higher selves and master our lives.

The Bottom Line

What does it mean to see a hummingbird? The hummingbird suggests that difficult times have gone, and healing will begin.

For others, this bird is an inspirational sign of good luck and hope. It also says that your loved ones are there for you, and you won’t face challenges alone.

Hummingbirds have fascinated nature enthusiasts for ages with their charming appearance and the positive meanings they embody.