What Does It Mean To See A White Dove?

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Pigeons are very common in our daily life.

These birds are often used or appear in diverse contexts, from religion to politics, at weddings, or on other occasions.

I believe that this animal is very mysterious. Whenever I catch a pigeon flying in front of me, I ask myself, “What does it mean to see a white dove?”

I did some research on this topic and discovered many exciting things.

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What Does It Mean to See a White Dove?

what does it mean to see a white dove

The white dove often represents a positive sign, such as new beginnings, peace, and prosperity. They also represent holiness, innocence, and purity.

For these reasons, these birds often play an important role in celebrations, such as weddings, in many different cultures.


Almost everywhere in this world considers this bird a symbol of peace. In contrast to the meaning of seeing a crow, a dove represents profound tranquility.


Encountering this bird can also confirm that your intentions are pure and you are also on the right track towards your goals.


This adorable animal is also closely related to harmony. These birds can symbolize balance in your life and spirit.

It can also remind you to stay close to your true self and protect yourself against any negative influences.


These birds go hand in hand with honesty. They can represent successful relationships where honesty is one of the most critical aspects.


This animal can also symbolize hope, which is one of the essential elements of our lives. Where there is hope, there is life.

If you see this bird flying past you, it could be a sign reminding you to keep hoping and not give up on your goals. Even if the universe has turned against you, pursuing your goals is essential until you see the finish line.

With perseverance and ongoing efforts, you will soon achieve your desires, goals, and ultimate success.


Whenever you are working on a personal goal or another specific project, these white doves can appear as an encouragement to you. They can remind you that your dedication will ultimately pay off.


This adorable animal is also often considered a sacred sign. Many places believe that they act as spiritual messengers and have a direct connection between earth and heaven.

Therefore, seeing this bird could signify that your spirit guides may be watching over you, even right next to you.


This pure animal can accompany you on your journey through life with great concentration and a sense of calm. Mentally, it can push you to always aim for your highest goals.

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Dove Native American Symbolism

This bird is one of the significant symbols in Native American culture and tradition. They can be a symbol of intense love and monogamy.

According to Native American beliefs, the pigeons represent the deliverance of the Great Spirit. They are even symbols of forgiveness.

Dove Christianity Symbolism

As one of the first birds to be domesticated, they use their milk to nourish their young. The dove is also a symbol of the power and rebirth of the Great Goddess.

They are also gentle, simple, meek, innocent, peaceful animals, without fear. They never harm other animals or birds and eat only whole seeds.

Dove Celtic Symbolism

This animal is an intense symbol of peace and purity in the Bible.

You probably already know the story of Noah’s ark, where Noah used a dove to return to the ark with an olive branch from God, showing that God had forgiven the man and the flood had receded.

The Mosaic Law considered doves of the Holy Spirit to be very pure, leading to their use as a purification sacrifice after a child was born.

For Celtic, these animals represent peace and care and support for living things.

Dove in Dreams

Dreaming of a white dove is a very positive sign because this bird is often a symbol of love and peace. A message has been sent through dreams that you will soon have good luck and significant events in your life.

Like all dreams, the circumstances of the event will determine the meaning of your dream.

So I will give a few different examples of white pigeons-related dreams to help you with your dreams regarding these pure animals.

A Dove Fly In Front Of You

Dreaming of this animal flying in front of you can symbolize success and joy.

It can be a reminder that you are being guided along the way and are on the right track. Just follow your intuition, and harmony and peace will surround you.

It is also a harbinger that your blessings are coming, and you will soon be surprised by their visit. You will reach your strongest desires and wishes.

This dream also symbolizes prosperity and positive energy on your journeys.

A Dove Sit On Your Arm

This dream may be trying to tell you that someone wants to mend a relationship with you.

For example, if you argued with someone in the past, dreaming of this bird sitting in your hand could hint at an offer of spiritual peace.

When you are about to meet someone who has argued with you in the past, I recommend keeping an open mind. Maybe this one regrets what happened to you and is trying to figure out how to fix things.

A Dove Talk To You

If you dreamed of a talking pigeon, it could be a spiritual sign that you should speak up about important things to yourself.

If you sometimes feel like your opinion doesn’t matter, dreaming of this bird is a sign telling you this is a mistake. On the other hand, it will encourage you to take it seriously.

Sharing with the world is undoubtedly worthwhile and essential, so it is necessary to start spreading your thoughts in your life seriously. You will be surprised at what you get.

A Dove Follows You

If you see a white dove or a white owl follows you in your dream, it could mean that you are receiving protection.

It is a message that you are guided throughout the journey. Therefore, you can expect to be successful on your way.

Wealth and peace will follow you anywhere, as long as you have good intentions and listen to your intuition.

Many White Doves Appear in Your Dreams

Seeing a bird around you is a message of prosperity and peace. Therefore, having more individuals flying around you is an excellent sign as you will get luck and more peace many times over.

If you own a business, this dream could be an omen that your business will soon prosper and overgrow, allowing you to benefit significantly financially.

When talking about love, this dream could mean that maybe you will soon meet the true love of your life. It will be an intense emotion that you have never experienced.

A Dove Is Released

If you saw yourself releasing a white dove in a dream, it could symbolize a feeling and longing for great freedom.

This freedom can lie in friendships, love relationships, and work. Either way, you will soon feel carefree and happy.

Alternatively, releasing a white dove in a dream can also be a harbinger of a significant event in your life, such as marriage.

A Dove Make A Nest

In most cases, this dream symbolizes family affection. It shows that you are currently very comfortable and satisfied with your current family situation.

It can also show that you have a longing to be at home. If you have such a dream, you will soon feel a sense of home, safe and full of love.

Dove Encounters And Omens

There are many types of pigeons. In total, there are about 140 different species.

In most cases, these birds symbolize peace. And the theme of peace must be connected with understanding, communication, and sympathy.

These gentle animals are a reminder of contentment and peace. You will need to forget about petty quarrels. Instead, you will need to aim for more profound and more subtle connections with the people around you.

Wild pigeons can also encourage you to work on a deeper level of yourself.

If you see wild pigeons regularly, you should work on a deeper level. You also need to put in extra effort to become more satisfied with your life.

Dove Folklore and Mythology

In Egypt, this white bird was a symbol of innocence. They also sit on the Tree of Life branches and appear with its fruit.

The common also symbolizes the female creative principle, allowing them to be identified with Venus, Virgin Mary, and Astarte.

In Chinese beliefs, these birds also symbolize a long life. The Han dynasty custom of giving the elders precious stone trumpets with a dove on one end is the most obvious example.

To the Japanese, they were also messengers of Emperor Ojin Tenno, later revered as Hachiman – the god of war. The name of the goddess Parvati, in Hindu mythology, also means dove.

Yama, the Hindu god of death, brings pigeons and owls as messengers. Some writers even imagine that the cooing of these birds is similar to the sensual invitation in Hebrew.

The meaning of seeing these docile birds can remind you to come out of isolation to integrate more into society.

Dove Spirit Animal

What if a dove was your spirit animal? In most cases, you will always show kindness and help others, including small things.

They are also a tangible representation of the soul of someone who has recently passed away and is going through a peaceful and smooth transition.

This animal will also give you a vision of the future, indicating that you are following a profound spiritual renewal.

It also reminds you to spend more time at home and take care of your other family members. You should also spend more time focusing on yourself and taking more care of yourself.

The pigeons will be there for you when you are worried, confused, or troubled.

In addition, pigeons will also be very helpful to you whenever you are worried about the level of affection of your partner for you.

They will also share in mourning when someone close to you has passed away and can help you connect with them somehow, spiritually.

If the dove is your spirit animal, you are a beautiful, optimistic, and calm person.

It also shows that you are trustworthy and possess trustworthy relationships. Your partners always trust you and stick with you for life.

You are also a stay-at-home person and participate in many indoor activities with your family. If you are a woman, you will have strong maternal instincts.

Dove Totem Animal

This animal appearing in your life indicates that your loved ones in heaven will always protect you. You are a peaceful soul and have a deep spiritual connection.

They also remind you always to come home, and home is your heart.

The bow pigeon can connect you with God. They are even God’s messengers and convey their message: Peace will always follow no matter what happens.

The appearance of bow pigeons is a sign of your grace and innocence. It will also let you know that adventures and new beginnings are waiting for you.

Dove Power Animal

If your power animal is a dove, you’ve probably spent your life bringing peace to those around you. Your presence fills everyone with peace, serenity, and hope.

They also imply that you are a passionate and gentle person. Finally, regardless of whether you are male or female, you will have strong maternal instincts.

The Bottom Line

You have reached the bottom of the article. Hopefully, through this article, I have helped you answer, “what does it mean to see a white dove?”

White doves are known to be symbols of peace, luck, love, and aquarium. This bird also represents new beginnings, success, and dreams of a bright future.

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