What Eats Lions In the Savanna? (Predators of Lions)

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Lions are apex predators and are recognized to be among the most dangerous creatures in the jungle.

As a result, you’ll question if some animal is powerful enough to turn these rulers into prey rather than predators.

What eats lions?

Do these mighty beasts have predators?

Fact is, there are no predators that go after these big cats for food. 

But there is more to it.

So, if you are curious about what animals can fight with this powerful species, it’s best to dig into this article. It will show you the list of the lion’s biggest enemies.

Let’s take a look.

What Eats Lions In the Savanna?

The following list includes animals who wait for the perfect moment to attack these mighty creatures.

#1. Crocodiles


Crocodiles are at the top of the pecking order. It means a few species want to eat them.

Crocodiles are opportunistic predators, and they will attempt to attack and consume this species when caught off guard.

If the lion comes close to the water, it might be a fierce fight, and it could eventually wind up as a croc meal.

After capturing its target prey, a crocodile dives into the deepest water to complete the task of drowning the beast.

Nevertheless, it is a rare occurrence. Furthermore, crocodiles are more likely to attack more diminutive threatening creatures than lions.

The leading cause of confrontations between the two species is the presence of animal carcasses.

When food is unavailable, fighting over the carcass of a deceased animal might linger for hours.

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#2. Leopards

Leopards are another threat lions face in the jungle. They usually live in woodlands, savannas, grasslands, forests, and bush velds in Africa.

This animals with patterns (tiny black specks and orange coats) are easily recognizable.

Leopards generally avoid older lions since they are not as strong as their Felieda counterparts.

Aside from that, these wild cats are solitary, which means they spend most of their life alone in the forest.

No matter how powerful, a leopard has no hope against a lion’s pride. However, leopards are known to assault and consume lion pups if given a chance.

A leopard, for example, might exploit the opportunity to attack and murder youngsters left alone but unprotected.

Cutting down on possible competitors could help them survive in the future.

#3. Cheetahs

The cheetah is the world’s fastest species on land. Cheetahs can run at speeds of 80 to 128 kilometers per hour. They live in Iran’s central region and Africa.

Cheetahs like devouring other wild creatures. Because they can’t kill or attack a mature lion, they opt to seek and eat youngsters.

Furthermore, they are opportunistic predators. Cheetahs would kill and consume any sick animal if given a chance.

#4. Vultures

Although vultures don’t attack lions, these scavengers must appear when discussing creatures that consume them.

What eats a lion when it dies? It’s Vultures. They rarely kill other creatures, although they will consume any deceased species if the occasion arises.

Vultures will consume lions killed by rival hunters or have died for natural reasons. A lion’s carcass is a feast for various vultures once it dies.

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#5. Hyenas

Lions and Hyenas are Africa’s perennial foes. Regularly, the two hunters will attempt to take food from one another.

Although both species are excellent hunters, it is usually easier to grab food from other rivals than hunt.

Furthermore, both animals are pretty territorial. So if they find their region invaded, they will typically act aggressively toward the other side.

Lions are far more dominating animals. So, hyenas will nearly never assault a grown lion. They’ll stay away from male ones in particular.

On the other hand, Hyenas are astute pack predators who will grasp any chance to attack and consume sick and old ones and lion pups.

Like most of the animals with stripes and spots, hyenas hunt in packs. If there are enough of them, they can easily defeat a lion.

These creatures have solid jaws and muscles, making them formidable opponents for lions.

Many circumstances indicate how these clever and fast creatures can kill a lion or make it depart the area.

If you are curious about how hyenas kill a lion, you can watch this video:

#6. African Wild Dogs

African wild dogs are known as African painted dogs or African hunting dogs.

This species is the giant wild animal in Sub-Saharan Africa and lives in the same areas as lions.

The natural adversaries of African wild dogs are lions. When their pathways overlap in the jungle, the weaker wild dog hunter usually loses.

Therefore, these animals avoid fighting with male ones. They will only hunt lionesses alone if they come in sufficient numbers.

Like any other lion foes, wild dogs will attempt to attack, kill, and consume lion pups once they have a chance.

#7. Humans

Humans do not consume lion meat regularly, but they have eaten it in the old days. Additionally, humankind is still, by a long way, the primary hunters.

People will often shoot at them to protect their land from these deadly wild animals.

Humans typically hunt these animals for their economic value. Their tails, nails, and skin are all precious.

Because of trophy overhunting by humans, this species is now classified as endangered animals. For example, one million of these wild animals survived in the nineteenth century.

On the other hand, humans have been blameworthy for a 50 percent of the overall reduction in lion populations since 1980.

Unfortunately, in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa, wild hunting animals like lions are still legal, significantly impacting this majestic animal population.

Can A Lion Eat Another Lion?

what eats lions

Will lions eat lions? The answer is lions do not always attack, kill, or eat another lion. Why don’t they eat their fellow?

This species is carnivores, devouring other animals, explicitly grazing animals. As a result, they are not naturally cannibalistic.

They will not eat similar meat-eating creatures because these preys lack the nutrients they require to survive and grow.

Additionally, the flesh of other carnivores may not have the same flavor as the primarily vegetarian creatures that this species hunts and devours in nature.

That said, they will only eat another lion if times are desperate.

When food is scarce, a lion may kill and consume the tribe’s old lion. When claiming dominance over a lioness, these animals solely kill the offspring.

What Are The Species That Lions Are Scared Of?

Lions do not experience fear in the same way that humans do. Big mammals are off-limits to them.

That isn’t because they’re terrified of them, but due to the potential for injury.

They are aware of the threat of physical harm from other species in their environment. As a result, they are wary of a few giant creatures.

Among them are the following:

It’s worth remembering that only a solitary lion will be able to keep these titans at bay.

These creatures are courageous when they’re in a pack, and they’ve been reported for taking down giant beasts by fighting together.


What Are Lions’ Self-Defense Techniques?

Other predators do not pose a significant threat to lions. There aren’t many creatures who will risk their lives by attacking a mature lion.

Aside from their imposing size and power, living in a herd also protects them against predators.

Living A Life Of Pride

The only gregarious large cats who live in packs are lions. The pride may have a small number of members or as many as 40.

These animals are both faithful towards the pride, although they play different responsibilities within it.

Adult males are in charge of safeguarding their pride by marking territories and fighting off any possible predators.

On the other hand, lionesses are the primary hunters who ensure that food is sufficient for all pride members.

Strength and Size

They are the second biggest wild cats after tigers. Male ones can grow 6.8 feet tall and 480 pounds in weight.

Furthermore, this species has robust muscular bodies, particularly in their back legs, which enable them to jump 36 feet in a single leap.

They also have razor-sharp claws capable of killing many more giant creatures.


The roar of this species serves as a warning signal for any prospective intruders and contact with one another.

The roar is deafeningly loud and powerful. You can still hear the roar up to five kilometers away. These terrifying alert roars would not leave any animal unaffected.


What Are Lions’ Enemies?

Some enemies of this species mainly include crocodiles, leopards, cheetahs, vultures, hyenas, African wild dogs, and humans.

Do Lions Devour Their Young?

No, the males may kill ill cubs, but they won’t eat them.

A lioness will start nursing its babies after it gives birth.

The male may kill any sick young cubs since it considers investing in these offspring wasteful.

The Bottom Line

Now you’ve got the exact answer to your question: What eats lions?

In general, this species doesn’t have many predators. Some of them are crocodiles, cheetahs, leopards, etc.

Most other animals don’t have many chances to kill a lion. But if they have, they will do it for sure.

The size and strength of this species are their primary weapons to protect themselves from other predators or even humans.