Will Bobcats Attack Goats? (Interesting Facts)

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When it comes to predators, there is no doubt that bobcats are one of the top candidates.

With their stealth and agility, they are capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves.

But when it comes to smaller prey, like goats, the question becomes: will bobcats attack goats?

Here we’ll explore some interesting facts about bobcats and their goat hunting habits.

Will Bobcats Attack Goats?

The answer is yes, bobcats will attack goats given the opportunity.

However, they are not especially adept at hunting them and typically only go after goats if there is no other easier prey around.

The size of the goat also plays a role, with smaller goats being more vulnerable to attack.

When it comes to hunting goats, bobcats will typically go after younger ones or sickly adults.

These are easier targets that don’t put up as much of a fight as healthy goats.

Bobcats have also been known to kill adult goats, but this is not common.

Most cases of bobcat attacks on goats occur when the cats are desperate for food.

In fact, bobcats will typically avoid attacking goats if they can get other prey.

This is because goats can be quite dangerous when they are cornered and can put up a good fight.

When Do Bobcats Often Attack Goats?

The most common time for bobcats to attack goats is at night.

This is when they are most active and when goats are typically asleep.

Bobcats will also sometimes go after goats during the day, but this is less common.

The reasons for this are not entirely clear, but it may have to do with the fact that goats are more active during the day and can see better.

How Do Bobcats Kill Goats?

Bobcats kill their prey by stalking it and then leaping on it from behind.

They will then bite the neck of the goat, suffocating it.

In some cases, bobcats will also crush the skulls of their prey.

Thanks to the bobcat’s powerful jaws, this is not difficult for them to do.

How Does A Bobcat Eat A Goat?

Once a bobcat has killed a goat, it will eat it.

The wildcat will start by eating the organs and then move on to the meat.

Bobcats are not especially fussy eaters and will eat just about anything.

This includes the skin, hair, and bones of their prey.

Can Goat Defend Themselves From Bobcats?

In general, goats are not very good at defending themselves from bobcats.

They lack the size and strength to fight back effectively, and their horns are not very sharp.

However, there is still a good chance that a goat will survive an attack if it’s a healthy adult goat, and the herd is nearby to offer some protection.

Is It Legal To Shoot A Bobcat That Is Attacking Goats?

Yes, it is legal to shoot a bobcat that is attacking goats in most states.

However, you should check the laws in your state before doing so.

In some states, it is only legal to kill a bobcat if it is causing damage to property or livestock.

How To Protect Your Goats From Bobcats

will bobcats attack goats

To protect your goats from bobcats, it is important to take some preventive measures.

First, make sure that your goats have plenty of space to roam and are not confined to a small area.

This will give them plenty of room to escape if a bobcat does attack.

Second, keep your goats well-fed and healthy.

Goats that are starved or sickly are more likely to be targeted by bobcats.

Third, keep an eye on your goats and make sure they are safe.

If you see a bobcat lurking around, make some noise to scare it off.

Fourth, install a fence around your property that is high enough to keep bobcats out.

This will help to protect your goats from any potential attacks.

Finally, consider using a guard dog to protect your goats from predators.

Big guard dogs are very effective at deterring bobcats and other predators from attacking.

How To Predator-Proof A Goat Pen

There are a few things you can do to predator-proof your goat pen.

One is to build the pen out of sturdy materials, like wood or metal.

This will help keep predators out.

You can also use electric fencing to deter predators.

Make sure the fence is in good condition and that it’s properly charged.

Finally, make sure you keep a close eye on your goats and check the pen regularly for signs of predation.

If you suspect a predator is targeting your goats, take measures to deter it.


In summary, bobcats do attack and kill goats on occasion.

However, this is not a common occurrence.

Bobcats typically only attack small goats when they are hungry and cannot find other prey.

To protect your goats from bobcats, take some preventive measures, like providing plenty of space to roam, keeping them well-fed, and using a guard dog.

You can also predator-proof your goat pen to keep predators out.